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How Do New Yorkers Perceive Coyotes? Inverview with a Gotham Coyote Social Scientist: Brielle Manzolillo

We Gotham Coyote researchers love NYC’s coyote population, but what do other New Yorkers think about these urban animals? Brielle Manzolillo did a research project through Pace University’s Environmental Studies and Science Department to find out New Yorkers real opinion on their coyote neighbors. Read about her study and its surprising preliminary results in this interview with Brielle. Read the full article here

Article reposted from Gotham Coyote. This interview was conducted by Olivia Allison Asher, intern with the Gotham Coyote Project and author of The Science Notebook BlogGotham Coyote is a collaboration of researchers and educators from several institutions around the region working together to better understand coyotes and their role in our urban ecosystem.

Brielle Manzolillo

Brielle Manzolillo

Brielle Manzolillo is a recent graduate from Pace University where she received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies. She began working with the Gotham Coyote Project during her senior year at Pace. Her research focuses on human perceptions of urban coyotes in New York City. Currently, she is continuing this research and has future plans to attend graduate school to study Animal Behavior and Conservation.